Manel Rhaiem: CD Outreach Intern

The Project Haiku and CD Metrics Team would like to thank Manel Rhaeim for her contributions over the past summer.

Manel Rhaiem was an Outreachy intern in Summer 2016 who worked on Connected Devices. During Manel’s internship, she made contributions to both the Project Haiku team and the CD Metrics team. In Project Haiku, she worked on doing data analysis for our second user research experiment. She also made contributions to a web-based prototype for the ongoing user testing and experiments.


Manel worked with a variety of technologies in Project Haiku, including SQL,Google BigQuery, Periscope/Re:Dash, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and programming libraries for devices such as the Particle.  Manel was also an active and engaged member of Project Haiku, always ready to participate in brainstorming discussions and prototyping exercises. On the CD Metrics team, Manel worked to implement the floating-point code for the existing metrics library. She then helped several teams including Project Magnet and Project Vaani implement the metrics library as well as help them out with some data analysis.

Manel Rhaiem has been involved with the Mozilla project since 2012. She is a member of the Mozilla Tunisian community. Manel has participated in every single Mozilla Work Week since Portland. She has contributed to a variety of areas including QA and l10n, and has lent her expertise to various projects which have included Firefox OS and l10n. At the 2014 Mozilla Festival, Manel helped flash some of the thousands of Firefox OS phones that were distributed at that event. At the Mozilla Work Week in 2014,  she participated in the right-to-left (RTL) language pattern decision-making meetings and was also instrumental in testing RTL localization on Firefox OS. She was a dedicated Firefox OS tester and never hesitated when asked to help with testing. She also worked alongside the Firefox OS team and learned how to write Firefox OS automation.



Manel is a Mozilla Rep and also part of WoMoz.


Thank you, Manel!

Russ Nicoletti, CD Metrics Team

Manel contributed to both the visualization and the coding of the CD Metrics project. She used her expertise in both Re:dash and Periscope to provide data visualization to the Haiku and Magnet projects. She also added floating point support to the CD Metrics library, which involved updating software in javascript, Rust, java, and C. Manel was a pleasure to work with; always enthusiastic and willing to take on any challenge.


Kate Glazko, Outreachy Co-Mentor

Manel has been a community member of Mozilla for a while, but this summer as an Outreachy intern, she jumped in and made a big impact on the projects she was working on during the wild ride that is the prototyping/experimentation process of Connected Devices. Manel did a great job staying positive and optimistic in the face of uncertainty and the unknown, and was not one to back down from a challenge. She would go out of her way to attend and participate in meetings with her teammates in a timezone different from hers and showed consistent passion for the projects and people she worked with. Thank you for being a great intern and Mozillian, Manel!


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